Hair Loss Can Turn To Hair Gain

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There are many of you reading this right now who may have heard the story told over and over again. It is not the end of the world when you have lost your hair. It is all quite natural. You learn to live with it over time and you carry your head held high in a dignified manner. Says who? Have they ever truly diagnosed the root cause of the hair loss? And did they no know that it is quite natural as well for hair to grow back after a period of time.

Apart from the natural loss of hair, due mainly to genetics and the hereditary heritage, there can be any number of causes of severe hair loss, all of which is not natural. In the above paragraph, a clue was given for one of the most common forms of drastic hair loss, so much so that it tends to come out in clumps. High levels of stress and anxiety can cause a drastic loss of hair. So, once stress levels are greatly reduced, or rather, the root causes of the stress and anxiety are professionally and diligently addressed, it is more than possible for the lost hair to grow back again.

A hair loss specialist near me can and will be referred to if, for example, a patient has lost most of his or her due to a serious surgical operation in which case it was the chemical inducements that caused the hair loss in the first place. It can happen that after the patient has recovered fully from the surgery that his or her hair may never grow back to the way it was before. For women especially, that hardly seems fair. Do not worry, your hair loss can turn into a hair gain again.