4 Causes of ED

Millions of men across the country suffer from erectile dysfunction, a condition that causes the inability to get an erection that is strong enough for sexual intercourse. Men that have ED suffer in the bedroom as well as out of the bedroom because it affects his confidence and self-esteem. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction but some are more common than others. Read below to learn some of the most common causes of ED and schedule your appointment with erectile dysfunction doctors without delay.

erectile dysfunction doctors

1- Neurological Disorders

Several neurological disorders can cause a man to endure impotence due to lack of signals the brain receives. Common neurological conditions that can cause impotence include a stroke, MS, and Alzheimer’s disease.

2- Stress

Stress is another leading cause of ED. it is not easy to think about sex when you’re stressed and life seems to be taking its toll on you.

3- Endocrine Diseases

Diabetes is just one of the different endocrine diseases that may weigh heavily on your sexual performance. It may also lead to a case of ED. The endocrine system is responsible for production of hormones that regulate sexual satisfaction and desire. When there is a disease in this system, those hormones are impacted.

4- Medications

The list of medications that may impact your ability to obtain an erection is long. Medications that affect blood flow may also restrict it to the penis for an erection. A few examples of medications that might cause ED include chemotherapy medications, diuretics, and beta-blockers.

Impotence is a common condition that every man experiences on occasion. But, when it happens more often than it doesn’t there is a problem that you need to talk to the doctor about. You don’t have to live with ED another day if you take action.